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Import & Export of Protected Aquatic and Wild Animals as well as Products of Such Animals

Responsible Unit:

Weifang Bureau of Marine and Fishery

Approval Term:

20 workdays

Contact Phone:


Charge Standard

Materials Fee

Charge Authorization:

Ji Jia Ge (2000) No. 393

Supervision Phone:


¡¡¡¡ Application Documents:

1. The Application Form for Import & Export Permit (4 originals)

2. When applying for commercial import & export, the applicant shall present proof of import & export right, and the Operation and Utilization Certificate; commercial import & export are not permitted without such proof or Certificate; (1) Contract or agreement of import or export; (2) Proof of source (if applying for export); (3) related proof and export permission certificate of the exporter (if applying for import); (4) Chinese Traditional Patent Medicine components form and packing instruction materials; (5) Proof documents of the Customs District (for processing on order).


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