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Registration for Consignee or Consigner of Import or Export Commodities

Responsible Unit:

Weifang Customs District, People`s Republic of China

Approval Term:

3 workdays

Contact Phone:


Charge Standard

No charge

Supervision Phone:


¡¡¡¡Application Documents:

01. Copy of the duplicate Business License of Enterprise Legal Person (individualproprietorshipenterprise, partnership, or self-employed industrial or commercial household shall submit the copy of duplicate Business License);

02. Copy of the Record Registration Form for Foreign Trade Operator (for those there is no need to make archival filing and registration as prescribed by laws, administrative regulations and the provisions of the Ministry of Commerce shall be excluded);

03. Copies of the Approval Certificate for Foreign Invested Enterprises in People`s Republic of China and the Approval Certificate for Enterprises Invested by Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao in People`s Republic of China (only for foreign-invested enterprises);

04. Copy of the Articles of Association (non-enterprise legal person shall be excluded );

05. Copy of the duplicate Tax Registration Certificate;

06. Copy of Proof of Opening Bank Account;

07. Copy of the duplicate Organization Code Certificate;

08. Registration Form of the Information of the Customs Declaration Unit, and

Registration Form of the Information of administrative personnel of Customs Declaration Unit;

09. Other documents related to the registration.


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