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Weifang Wetland Park

Weifang Wetland Park locates in the upstream of Bailang River which from Bailang River Reservoir to Baotong Street with a length of 6.7 kilometers, an average width of 1.5 kilometers and an area of more than 10 square kilometers. Weifang Wetland Park has been divided into Leisure Vacation Area, Wetland Knowledge Area and Humanity Park Area three areas.

That colorful flowers and shrubs mixing with the high trees of Weifang Bailang River Wetland Park provides a land of idyllic beauty and a natural bar with the luxuriantly green and quiet and secluded environment. That is to say, being artificial, the wetland park is equal to a natural wonder. The tourists can enjoy the scenery of the broad surface of water and the wetland with the flying birds and water plants. It is to be learned that more than 30 kinds of wild birds such as egrets, pheasants, wild ducks, magpies, turtledoves and woodpeckers live in the wetland. The center area of wetland is egret oasis--the paradise of the egret. At night, the joyful scenery of flying, playing and eating of egrets will be provided. More than 30 viewing platforms, more than40 bridges with different stylesand more than 8,000 meters long wooden roads along the water are constructed in the Wetland Park.



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