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Weifang No. 1 Middle School

Weifang No. 1 Middle School of Shandong Province was founded in 1913 and named Middle School of Weixian with a history of 94 years. After the founding of the People's Republic of China it was renamed Weifang United Middle School and later Weifang Middle School. It was in 1952 that it got its present name. In the same year, this school was identified by Shandong People's Government as key high schools of Shandong Province. In 1979, Weifang No. 1 Middle School was on the list of the first excellent 19 key high schools in Shandong Province. Twenty one years later, it became the only national-level model school in Shandong that satisfied the requirements of provincial acceptance test.

In order to meet citizen's needs of quality high school education, the city government decided to invest on building the new campus in the development zone in the winter of 2002, and in the autumn of 2005, the new campus was completed, covering an area of 1,259 Chinese acres, including 220,000 square kilometers for buildings. The total investment is RMB 420 million  yuan and the greenery patches amounts to 58%. The school's programming is human-centered, which is natural and harmonious. The integration of Chinese with the western styles makes the buildings simple and elegant. There are 6,300 students and 491 staff in school now.

The school implements the government's educational policies completely and actualizes quality-oriented education vigorously. Since the College Entrance Examination was restored in 1977, nearly 10,000 students of our school has entered colleges and universities nationwide, and more than 150 among them have got doctoral degree or above. Outstanding achievements have been made in the National Olympic Competitions and Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contests and more than 400 students have won the first prizes of all kinds of competitions.

With the advanced educational concepts, the first-class educational facilities, qualified teachers, effective management, and the high quality of education and teaching techniques, the school has won great reputation in the whole province and become the cradle of the renowned talents. The school has been awarded "the Advanced School of Moral Education in Primary and Secondary Schools Nationwide" , "National Audio-visual Education Research School","School of National School Sports Traditional Programs", "National High School Advanced scientific Research School", "Gold Medal school of Olympic Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology", "Demonstration School of Popular Science Education of Shandong Province", "Advanced Teacher Training School in Shandong Province", "Advanced School of the Education System" and 100 other honorary titles.

All the teachers in the school have received college diploma, more than 70 of them being postgraduates. Meanwhile, over 90 of them have been rewarded the honor of national superfine teachers, excellent teachers, master teachers, municipal academic leaders and across-century talents, etc.

No.1 Middle School has taken active steps towards exchanges with foreign schools ever since the implementation of the open-and-reform policy. The school has established very good relationship with Tauson Middle School in Maryland State and Branford Middle School in Connecticut State (both are in America) and Nanga International Middle School in Australia as well as other international schools. Every year, the school will select a group of excellent teachers and students and send them to Australia, Britain, America and other countries to get training and refreshment in order to facilitate their study and the development of the school.

The schooling principles are, to create and win the future using our foresee and endeavor; to guarantee the fulfillment using system, to realize the sustainable development of our school based on abundant Chinese culture, to create a sound development atmosphere depending on the support of the government at higher levels and social entities, and to carry on our splendid venture through the common effort of the whole staff; to insist on the concept of being human-oriented and harmonious development, of placing equal importance between traditional heritage and innovation, and of pursuing existence, credit and scale relying on the quality of work. With the school motto of "studying for the development of our motherland-China," in pursuit of the cultural concept of being deeply rooted in Chinese culture, of combining the cultural essence at all times and around all over the world, of perusing excellent achievement by continuously surpassing ourselves, of being natural, harmonious, democratic and scientific, and of achieving our common freedom and happiness. Meanwhile, the school takes full strides in the curriculum reform and quality-oriented education to further reinforce the competitiveness of the school. To conclude, the aim is to cultivate students of high qualities with solid foundation, versatility, creativity and international vision, and to develop the No.1 Middle School into a green and harmonious school.

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