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Qilu Knowledge & Innovation Park Moves Forward to 4.0 Period

After established, the Qilu Knowledge & Innovation Park in Kuiwen District will drive the development of the southern industries in the central urban area of Weifang, improving the regional innovation capability.

With the global fourth generation of sci-tech industrial park as the goal of development and the planned investment of RMB 5 billion, the park has finished investment of RMB 70 million so far with 45 settled enterprises and the project begins to take shape.

In recent years, the industrial park in China has entered the 4.0 industrial complex period. As the key project of Weifang, Qilu Knowledge & Innovation Park takes the 4.0 period as the orientation of its development pattern and it is committed to building the scientific research center, higher education center and technology transfer center in about 10 years.

The project covers six blocks including higher education area, intelligent equipment industrial park, pharmaceutical logistics park, scientific research service area, bio-pharmaceutical industrial park and life service area, achieving high aggregation and seamless connection of production-study-research cooperation, logistics and life functions.

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