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  Brief Introduction
Economic and Social Development Situation of Weifang

Covering a total area of 16,100 square kilometers, with a population of 8.68 million, Weifang is the Kite Capital of the World, China`s Excellent Tourism City, National Model City for Environmental Protection, State-Level Clean City, National Garden City and National Scientific and Technological Progress Advanced City with four districts, six county-level cities and two counties, one state-level high and new technology industrial development zone, one economic and technological development zone and one comprehensive bonded zone under its jurisdiction.


Weifang enjoys a predominant location and convenient communications. With Bohai Bay to the north and coastline of 140 kilometers, Weifang situates in the heart of the urban agglomerations in Shandong Peninsula. Five expressways such as Qingyin Expressway and Rongwu Expressway, several national and provincial highways and railways like Jiaoji Railway, Jiaoxin Railway pass through the area. Weifang Port has been opened as a grade one port, and the 10,000 tons wharf has been constructed and navigable, while air ways are available from Weifang Airport to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou etc.


Weifang has a long history and a bright culture. Yu Shun, one of ``Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns`` (the powerful tribal leaders of primitive society) in ancient China, Yan Ying, the great politician in the Spring and Autumn Period, Zheng Xuan, master of Confucian classics in the East Han Dynasty and Jia Sixie, the agriculturalist in the Northern Wei Dynasty were all from Weifang. Cultural celebrities such as Kong Rong, Fan Zhongyan, Ouyang Xiu, Su Dongpo and Zheng Banqiao, etc. had ever been the praetor in Weifang. And a great multitude of revolutionists, litterateurs and artists of modern times like Wang Jinmei, Chen Shaomin, Wang Yuanjian, Wang Tongzhao and Zang Kejia, etc. were also from Weifang. Numerous scenic spots, historical sites and places of cultural interests, such as Shihu Garden, Yunmen Mountain, Fangong Pavilion, Shanwang Fossils, Dinosaur Fossils and Mount Yi National Forest Park in Weifang are all well-known at home and aboard. Weifang kites, Yangjiabu wood-block New Year pictures, Gaomi Charcoal Painting and Gaomi Maoqiang Melody are included on the list of state-level Intangible Cultural Heritages


Weifang is rich in resources and complete in industries. 58 kinds of mineral resources were found in Weifang and 42 of them have been exploited, among which the reserves of both sapphire and underground brine rank the first in China. Among the 25 large and medium-sized reservoirs of Weifang, Xia Shan reservoir is the largest reservoir in Shandong province with its storage capacity of 1.4 billion cubic meters. Weifang has formed an industrial system with five pillar industries, such as machinery and equipment, textile and garment, marine chemical, food processing and paper packaging; and some emerging industries, such as photoelectron, new energy, new materials, biomedical and energy saving and environmental protection, etc. are beginning to take shape. Weifang has been a national important production, processing and export base of high-quality agricultural products since agricultural industrialization had been conducted earlier. With prosperous trade circulation industry and thriving modern logistics, Weifang has been an important regional material distribution center.  


The year 2010 is the ending of the 11th Five Year Plan. Facing to the follow-up impacts of the international financial crisis and the great changes of international and domestic situations, the whole city thoroughly applied the Scientific Outlook on Development, earnestly implemented the decision-making arrangements of the central government, the provincial party committee and the provincial government, and strived to transfer modes and structures, promote growth and improve people`s livelihood according to the target and task as well as thought and move of ``1-3-6-4-1``, so the growing momentum of economy was further consolidated and the annual tasks and targets were fully completed, which drew a satisfactory full stop for the 11th Five Year Plan. In 2010, Weifang achieved RMB 309.1 billion Yuan in GDP, 2.1 times as many as in 2005, up by 13.3% over the last year, with that of average per capita of USD 5,000; the local fiscal revenue was RMB 20.24 billion Yuan with rise of 28.2%, 2.9 times over that of 2005; the urban per capita disposable income achieved RMB 19,675 Yuan and the rural per capita net income achieved RMB 8,872 Yuan, with growth of 13.9% and 15.3% respectively.


The year 2011 is the starting year of the 12th Five Year Plan and a crucial year to consolidate and enlarge the achievements of coping with the international financial crisis. Weifang will orientate highly and break through completely to ensure the good beginning of the 12th Five Year Plan in accordance with the target and task as well as thought and move of ``1-9-5-1``confirmed by the municipal party committee.


``One Target`` means that the growth rate of the major economic indicators is higher than the provincial average level to realize better and faster development of economy and make sure to achieve the rigid target of fixed asset investment, job creation, energy saving and emission reduction, and population control; make sure the great progress of restructuring to improve the development quality and standard; and make sure the remarkable results of improving people`s livelihood to enhance people`s satisfaction and ensure social harmony and stability.


``Nine Breakthroughs`` are speeding up independent innovation to ensure the new breakthrough in high and new technological and emerging industrial input; accelerating quality improvement to ensure that in advanced manufacturing input; boosting the growth rate for that in modern service industry input; accelerating the implementation of brand strategy for that in modern agricultural input; speeding up innovation and prosperity for that in cultural industrial input; accelerating the construction of ecological civilization for that in energy saving and emission reduction input; speeding up the development of key areas for that in coastal development input; accelerating the urbanization for that in town industrial input; and speeding up the development of people`s livelihood to ensure that in the project input for the benefits of the people.


``Five Supports`` represent enhancing the innovation of system and mechanism, vigorously executing talent strategy for the city development, doing well the monetary and financial work, optimizing the investment environment and further deepening the harmonious construction.  


``One Motivation`` stands for taking being pioneers and excellence as the power to completely improve the work level.


The main expected objectives of economic and social development of Weifang are as follows: a 12% growth in GDP, a 15% growth in the local fiscal revenue, total investment in fixed assets increasing by 18%, 34% output value of the industrial corporations above designated size taken up by high and new tech industries, total retail sales volume of consumer goods improving by 16%, total foreign trade volume rising by 12%, registered urban unemployment rate kept within 3.8%, rate of natural population growth controlled within 5.2¡ë, the rise in the consumer price index kept within 4%, and both the urban per capita disposable income and rural per capita net income growing by 12%.

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