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Weifang to Enter Qingdao Metropolitan Area
 Days ago, the Development Plan for Shandong Peninsula Urban Agglomeration (2016-2030) was approved by the provincial government. Up to 2020, the population of Shandong peninsula urban agglomeration will amount to over 103 million, including 67 million of urban population. Both Ji¡¯nan and Qingdao will become megalopolises and lead a metropolitan area respectively.

The Planning raises that the ¡°Two Areas¡± mean Ji¡¯nan metropolitan area and Qingdao metropolitan area. The Planning defines that Ji¡¯nan metropolitan area consists of Ji¡¯nan, Zibo, Tai¡¯an, Laiwu, Dezhou, Liaocheng and Zouping county of Binzhou, and the total population will reach 32 million till 2020, including 21 million of urban population.

The Planning also puts forward that Qingdao metropolitan area consists of Qingdao, Weifang, Laiyang and Haiyang, two county-level cities of Yantai. Up to 2020, the population will amount to 20 million, including 14 million of urban population.

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