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¡¡¡¡Kuiwen District, with a total area of 187.8 square kilometers, and a population of 672,700, has jurisdiction over 10 districts, which are Da Yu, Er Li Fort, Liyuan, Dong Guan, Weizhou Road, Beiyuan, Guangwen, Beihai Road,Xincheng and Qingchi. Xincheng and Qingchi, under the management of the high-tech industrial development zone, cover an area of 130.22 square kilometers and have a population 189,300. In 2015,an area of 57.58 square kilometers was under the direct management of Kuiwei district, consisting of eight street offices, two economic development zones, 67 administrative communities and neighborhood committees with a total population of 443,400. In 2015, regional GDP of Kuiwei district was 23.95 billion yuan, an increase of 7.3% over 2014 calculated at comparable prices. Kuiwen District in 2015 won the title of Advanced District of Cultural Construction in Shandong Province awarded by the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, Advanced Area of the Ideological and Moral Construction of Minors in Shandong Province issued by the Provincial Civilization Committee and the Demonstration Area of the Provincial Education issued by the Provincial Department of Education.

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